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Volunteer in Asia with International Volunteer Thrill of Asia, the world’s most affordable and trusted organization for volunteering in Asia. NO membership fee required and never force you to book a longer time for you to get discount just book a minimum of 1 week and you are in. If you are looking at the exact same program in another site, tell us the site name we will lower 10 % cheaper. We love our name Thrill of Asia don’t you forget.


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The Thrill of Asia is the first choice for meaningful and eco-friendly travel around Asia. We are pioneers in eco-tourism and create fun, adventurous and community-centric programs which focus on enhancing your travel experience without compromising our eco-system or adversely affecting the lives of the communities and animal and plant habitats which are dependent on it.

Through the years our strong emphasis on investing in lives and social development has enabled us to become leaders in our field. The immense work we have done at the grass-roots level has helped us become an integral part of the various communities and agencies we support and collaborate with. Our environmental and conservation efforts are not just regular tourist programs, but place a strong emphasis on protection, rehabilitation and creating workable long-term solutions. Our work involves knowledge sharing and educating local communities dependent on these ecosystems through which we ensure peaceful and sustainable cohabitation. Volunteering in Asia is Great Opportunity to giving back to the community.


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Volunteering in Asia – Adventure Travel Volunteer Work

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Volunteering in Asia, Elephant_projectThe Thrill of Asia is a platform dealing with adventure tour Asia and various Volunteering in Asia these opportunities are in the field of wildlife conservation, orphanage, and possible forms of medical practice. The services are not limited to these mentioned activities only rather they are extending towards Culture program, trekking tours across the mountains and trekking terrains of Asia, fun and relaxing experience in the abode of nature. Our services start with Tour of Asia which comprises of leisure and adventure activities, internships, Volunteering in Asia activities are such as teaching English, Conserve Mangroves, Wildlife its flora and fauna, Turtle conservation, Elephant protection programs, panda saving project and Gibbon encounter.

The opportunists across the corners of the world are invited to volunteering in Asia in the quest of saving the Asian beauty and precious gift from nature. The tasks offered are very challenging and true experience provider. They have the power to embark and craft a real-life experience. Volunteers to look into children education and development and special education which involve teaching Buddhist monks, residents of the Himalayan region and kids in China.

The Volunteering in Asia looks into the orphanage matters of Boys orphanage and other orphanages in order to provide better living and learning to normal as well as special kids. Willing to explore Asia, enjoy the expedition and voluntarily serve for the social cause of Asian region to add your share of Volunteering in Asia efforts in building a society and safeguarding their culture and historical importance along with their overall development.

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